SCUTE Fishing Rod Case – Custom Length


Product Detail

  • Product Features
    • Custom lengths from 2.3m or 90 9/16” to 4.0m or 157 15/32”
    • Holds 6 fishing rods in adjustable suspension brackets
    • Solid alloy case walls
    • Shock absorbing end protectors
    • Industrial grade straps and handles rated to 25kg : 55lb
    • Side opening case – no need to slide rods into case avoiding guide damage
    • Quick to load and unload
    • Ideal for storage at home, in the car or on the boat
    • Suitable for airline travel
    • Remove 1 rod to use and leave the rest in SCUTE secure and safe
    • Suits rods with diameters from 0.25 mm to 29 mm or 31/32” to 1 5/32”
    • Designed to hang on wall, in boat or on the side of your vehicle in the open position for easy access to all rods for rigging
    • Lockable with SCUTE pin lock, cable lock or long profile commercial padlock

Additional information


• Case diameter : 136 mm : 5 11/32” inch
• External length is 5mm or 3/16” inch longer than case length ordered
• Internal length 10mm or 13/32” shorter than case length ordered
• Empty weight can be advised upon quote
• Case colour: Dark Commercial Bronze
• Fitting colours: combination of black and orange (as shown in photography)
• Maximum lock ‘bolt’ diameter 9mm or 11/32”